Virginia Masacre!

I live in Canada and since the Virginia Tech masacre, I have been really scared.    I have spent countless hours watching CNN in tears trying to imagine how all these people are feeling and the pain they have been put through.   My biggest fear is and has always been getting shot.  It's a fear that is from as far back as my childhood. I can only assume it's post traumatic anxiety or something weird like that. This masacre has really got me paranoid, today I had to go to school to write my final and I could not sit by the window or even near the door. I'm sure everyone thought I was weird, but i'm absolutly paranoid and terrified. I just picture the massacre happening everywhere I am.   I am crazy!!!   I went to cognitive therapy to try to deal with this at the begining of the year but it did not help at all, and was bringing up other things that caused me to panic more. He suggested group therapy, but there is a year long waiting list.   IS anyone else paranoid from this masacre, or am I really crazy?

chateone chateone
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1 Response Apr 18, 2007

I understand your feelings. I spent 6 months in somalia back in '93 and was sure that I was going to catch a bullet while there (came close but didn't happen). After several months of that I finally learned to accept it and not fear it so, knowing that my soldiers would take care of me if it happened. I had trained them well and knew that I could depend on them. Now I have the opposite - never afraid of going into something dangerous and will stupidly do it which got my stabbed in a bar fight trying to break it up. I think we all need to have a healthy fear of danger, but don't hide from life because of it.