I'm scared to take a risk in life and fail trying to live my dream. So I just push it off saying I will do it later. And I'm sick of it. It's time a take a risk and just bust on my ***. Yup. That's what I need. So I'm going to start capoeira during my winter break.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2006

'Shoot for the moon, even if you'll miss you'll land in the stars.' <br />
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I'm young too, and also so shy and scared of my dreams. But hey, at our age we have the WORLD at our finger tips. Our lives are ahead of us and we can take advantage of that or we can be scared. We might as well take a deep breath and brace ourselves and try, instead of wishing we did. <br />
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If you ever want to talk about you dreams, message me. I'm always here to help, to listen or to dream with. :]

Good news: You are YOUNG! Reach a little farther. Give a little more of yourself. Laugh a little harder. Very cliche, I know, but man I wish I had when I was your age. I'm 31 and am just learning how to be more social. It was too hard back then, then I figured I didn't need anyone, and now I'm playing catch-up. My one piece of advise would be put yourself out there. In every area of your life. good luck.