I absolutely hate it, when people they'll never leave you. When they say they'll never turn your back. But its even worse if you fall for it. My moms dad left her. My mom left me. my dad left for a while at one point. My half brothers are leaving the country, just so they can get away from our dad. I've loved people no question about that. But sometimes, When there's so many things that people have done. Love doesn't become a good thing. It just becomes terrifying. To never know how long someone is really going to stay, before they just disappear and your heart breaks all over gain.
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Adam, see, this is why i didnt want any of u guys to find out about this website, because now, u guys are gonna read all this stuff.

See tori, cant you see? This is why, I could never leave you, because i went through the same thing, I mean how long have we known each other? how long have we loved each other, Tori just need you to listen.

I agree with jkaitlyn. They live within us.