Too Many Negative Experiences In this Sphere

That's why I'd better die than show that I care for somebody. I'm not going to utter "I love you" again. Ever. The end of story. I do enjoy sex and intimacy though... and falling in love. I don't enjoy walking all over me.
EstellaDunH EstellaDunH
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 29, 2008

I don't know how old you are. I myself have been without any relationship at all since 1993 and do feel more peace of mind without relationships than being in any of them. Let's say that for now and until further notice, you're now decided that love relationships are not the challenge you're up to. Never indicates eternity and nobody realistically knows what tomorrow will bring. Machiavelli himself wrote in the Prince that fortune will let you control half at most of whatever happens in life to you. When Machiavelli put this in his book to one of the most powerful men in Europe then, he was talking to the sort of person who had armies and lots of money and authority over hundreds of thousands of other people under him, under his thumb. And yet this guy who wrote to, this guy with all these awesome advantages, had the ability to control, at most, only half of whatever took place in his life, whatever got to happen to him. Imagine the rest of us. We who don't have that sort of power, how much of whatever happens to us, did we control? How big are the shots that we will get to call?

believe in dreams ,never in hurt.i love u