This Seems to Happen Often With Me ....

You find the perfect lover, you fall in love, you love, you cry! Sometimes I just don't want to let myself love again ... and yet, I need to love someone, I need to be loved.....

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hmm..I will I haven't find real love yet...

It's hard to get over the pain, but each time I remind myself that the pain does go away.<br />
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Glad you found yourself again kitty.

We are here for you...

thanks you all ... I am not hurting now ... don't worry so much!

great to be back.

Hi Everyone<br />
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Typed into the internet Scared to Love and this site came up.<br />
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So here we my early 40s and alone. Since my marriage broke up in 2002, which I eneded it which I didn't realise took me a long time to get over. In 2008 I decided to date and the three men I met ...well were disasters. The first two were not over their exs and I knew it but I still went there...and then I went out with and older man 62 who was awful. I am in therapy and also training to be a therapist. It is now nearly 15 months and I have abstained from men, sex, flirting and looking. Time is passing by and I have shut myself off and well I am not that kind of person, I am warm, open, funny, kind, intelligent and have lots to give. I feel lonely living like this but safe. What is life without love...? would appreciate some comments.<br />
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all the rewards come to people who take risks !