Why Is Nothing Ever Simple...

I like being single and thought I was pretty well immune to feelings of love. A while back however I began chatting to a girl on the internet and felt an unusual connection, so much so that I have been doing the same each night for weeks. Its feel like I have fallen in love with her and now I am stuck in trance not knowing what to do. I pretty much think about her day and night, everyday life and work is not so easy in this state.

1 minute my head tells me I am crazy and I should concentrate on real life, another minute I might be thinking about flying off halfway across the world and some magic fairy tale happening. Neither of these options feels great, wish I had an off switch!
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Honestly it's a tough place to be, but I believe when you catch yourself thinking about her than there's something your mind is trying to tell you. I so agree that you should tell her how you feel, I have found that when I'm in a relationship that I get that way and I'm not really sure why, Maybe you shouldn't try and stop thinking about her but instead try and figure out what makes you so interested in her, there's gotta be something...

I know what you mean; although I love a girl just as a friend, I can't get her off my mind for even an hour. I too said to my self when I met her i wasn't going to love her and yet here I am; crazy about her. There's not really a whole bunch you can do about it, I would suggest you just talk to her, tell her how you feel and she what she says. Good luck! God bless!

I believe time only can tell , like he used to tell me I have been in love with my guy for nine years now and it gets stronger as i speak . <br />
I only wish for the best, my heart cant see another way of being happy and content other than being with him, but how ? <br />
may god put our hearts and souls at ease

I don't think I could copy with these feeling for a year let alone 9! My feelings are real but when you tell me of your love it puts things into perspective for me. At this moment I can completely take my mind somewhere else, somewhere that makes me think I wish I had some magical solution for you.