Redundant Love Of Mine

Time and Time again
I open this window to my heart just a crack
so a beacon of light can shine in
There you are standing before me
I asked you your name
Love, you shouted back at me. Oh, no not again.
I shut the window with such a force that the glass
nearly shattered before me.
Down the stairs and who do I see
Love, staring back at me.
I do not want you anymore.
Sick of explaining about how many promises
were made and how the debt was never paid.
Pain, suffocating the remains you had many times left behind.
I cried begging you to let me go.
My heart so forgiving and kind let you in
Just for some tea
Then you had better go cause my heart do not have
time for the 12 o' clock show.
She locked the doors to you Love and Peace has the key.
Trust me when I say she understands me
There may never come a day she will give you the key so go away

natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
May 11, 2012