I Can't Love Him I Cant

I gave him my heart, my everything all I had went to him and I just kept giving as much as I can. But now I don't even know. He broke up with me for his ex after everything we been through. His friend told me that he liked me. I still like him but yet I just font want to get Hirt anymore. I tried to get over it by dating other guys I Dated like 5 guys but yet he is the one that's always in my head. I can't stand to date people if it's not hI'm but yet I don't want to have to go through it again. He told ne that he made the mistake of breaking up with me but how do I know if it's true? I just broke up with one of my boyfriends today. Anyone what to help and tell me what you think I should do ? Should I stop being Sdared of dating him or should I stay away?
Sad14 Sad14
13-15, F
May 15, 2012