In Love And Confused

So I've been dating this incredible girl for about 2 1/2 months now. about a month ago, she got very upset at me. My best friend called me from his cell phone, but the person on the other side was actually his girlfriend as he was presently driving. Long story short, the battery on my phone dies, and i tell this girl it was my friend. she says i lied to her and it was actually a girl, not a guy. I tried to explain but she did not want to hear anything about it.

We went out on Sunday after a few weeks of not seeing each other, and when i pull up to a stoplight, she kisses me. this was after she said I lied, and we could be friends but that would be it. I was so happy after the kiss, but I always bring myself down. I started thinking, she was probably just taken by the moment and kissed me and now regrets it. I'm just really confused at this point. I am head over heels for her. Everything i see reminds me of her. I want to buy her everything, and give her everything. Just recently she said i should invite my friends and we should all go out. I had been trying to get her to meet my friends for a while as they are so important in my life. I just don't want to get hurt. I think of every single reason why she will stop talking to be or going out with me. I try to be perfect, but I know I will mess up at some point.
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1 Response Jun 21, 2012

It's not your fault that she won't believed you at that moment and I think she realized that too.. And don't be afraid.. You say that you think of every single reason why she will stop talking to you, but start thinking of all the reasons why she has kissed you!!! And you deserve love, just like her. Go for it! :)

I actually thought about that the other day. I guess it's easier sometimes to think about negative things than positive ones.