Sorry but this is like saying I'm afraid to live because I might die!! Well your right we all will but the choice is between living life to the fullest and existence! Besides just because you decide not to love doesn't make you immune to hurt and pain. Sorry, it's a part of life! So quit being a coward and choose to live...and love, the rewards are so much greater than the risks!
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YES EXACTLY! I've seen a few posts from young people recently saying that they are scared and they don't want to continue living. Life is a series of hurts - things happen, and sometimes they are unpleasant. Sometimes, people hurt you. You have a choice as to how you react. You can fold, or you can grieve, learn something about yourself and others and move on. Happiness is something we decide. It isn't anyone's job to make us happy. Young people think: I'll find someone to love me and that will make me happy. No - if you go into a relationship expecting someone else to make you happy, you are setting yourself up for failure. Relationships are difficult, and if you are not emotionally stable, love yourself, and somewhat confident - that person is going to hurt you. Why? because they have hurts too, and everything they spew out you are going to take personally. Because if you aren't confident, then everything starts to be all about you. You can't help someone else or communicate and work towards building something if you are always defending and never letting go and examining. People hurt you because they have issues. Sometimes it isn't all about you, but when you are incapable of choosing happiness, of seeking your own path, and knowing yourself, you certainly can't build a relationship.
Relationships these days seem to have become the merger of two narcissistic people who tolerate each other for mutual benefit until something better comes along - swipe left. Poor me, he was so mean, he never asked me how I was feeling . . . It takes two to create a problem and it takes two to solve it. We have to accept culpability - even if it is the culpability for getting into a relationship with a person you knew was wrong for you. Yeah he was a bad boy, and now that you have to pay the piper, you're going to cut and run because it is no longer fun. We only get what we tolerate.

Glad that the words meant something to you ... I think and believe them to be totally and completely true!