Its not necessarily that I'm afraid of getting hurt, I accept the fact that, in matters of the heart, pain is inevitable. Being hurt, I can handle. What I'm scared of...No, what I'm terrified of, is being broken by love. I know what happens when someone comes out broken...I've seen it happen. And I don't ever want that to be me. Ever.

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Thank you. And, its all right...its something that I have to figure out on my own, I think.

(((HUGS))) i can't give any good advice cause that's exactly how i feel now having gone through that. it changes people.

....I'm sorry about that. :/

My wife stoped having sex with me 3 years ago,or more what do I do,My famliy stoped helping A long time ago. I'm about too......................

Thank you...that's a very good philosophy to have. =)

After every dark day its always a sunshine, after every bad day we get the good day too... after ever heart broken someone get the love too...soo keep the hope keep the light on and u will find the path


I know... :/<br />
<br />
Thank you for that...I hope I find that special person too and you deserve nothing but the best. (((Hugs)))