No Tolerance

 I think the reason im soo  hard on guys is because im afraid to get hurt .. as long as i keep myself a safe distance away  im fine ..  but when i fall i fall hard ... and its hard to end it and i dont just let it go  im a very vindictive person .  i dont know if thats ever gonna change . I would hope it will one day that i ll be able to trust again . but i dont know if it will happen or not .. I can only hope my guard will go down ... my therapist says im too independent .  so i went from total codependency to  being to independent .  maybe one day  ill change but who knows .
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I am the same way, very independent and want to keep distance .... but I also miss being in love, I miss the excitement of being in love, but I hurt in the past and my guards are way up

First of all, you ain't all that independent, or else you wouldn't be here bringing the subject up. Fact is, you're desperate for attention but your scars have made you insensitive, as scars are apt to do. Not your fault. But it's worth the risk to go back to being a woman.

i dont think i can ever trust again.. ive been hurt and lied to by those closest to me so i can understand the feeling of not letting anyone in..<br />
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Im a bit the same way, altho Ive never been in love, but I do get attached to certain people. Its so damn hard not to let your guard down, no one wants to get hurt. Sometimes tho I find myself saying, 'this time if things dont work out it may be worth the heartache at the end just to be happy with this person I like so much even if just for a little while'. (this is extremely rare) Is that crazy? I hope things change for you!