I Will Never "Share All" Here Or Anywhere.

I believe for myself sharing all is unhealthy for me.  There was a time I always would, but I learned it wasn't "safe" to do so in many different ways. 

1. The obvious is that it could be used against me.

2. My inner core is sacred (as so is every ones).

3. I need my own inner-self.

4. Respecting myself and being true to my spirit.

Please don't misunderstand. I need people in my life.  I receive by also giving.  But it's not healthy for me to give of myself 100%.   

WarriorMom WarriorMom
51-55, F
4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Yep, that's a big part of it. In a relationship I have my issues. It depends on how healthy my relationship is concerning how much I open my heart & spirit to someone.

Always & Always!!!!!

Thanks, but no Sweetie. All is good!!!!!!

I am so sorry!....Can I Do Anything?