It's Scary

I've done that lot's. Once I was at a party and I went into a fight with my two friends so I decided to leave the party without them. It was 1.00 am and I had a 45 min walk. I walked through the whole city and then throught the parks, that was pretty scary. I was scared some weirdo will jump out of a bush and do something to me, or someone will pull me into his car. I felt save when I saw my house but all of the sudden someone jumped out of the bush............I screamed and fell on the ground........I looked was just the neighbors dog. Some woman are not scared to walk at night alone, I even know girls who jogg at night by themselves. Men are not as scared as women. Cuz they are the stronger gender.
GrueneRose GrueneRose
2 Responses Jul 19, 2007

I'm glad I could supply some entertainment to someone on these posts, Bobby

I always was the one jumping out of the bushes with my pretty petticoat and dress on or walking on the other side of the street in my sissy dresses, Sorry, but just wanted you to see me all dressed up in my pretties. Didn't want to do anything to you. It's the fear inside you that makes you scared.<br />
I should be the one that is scared, I'm the guy in the dress.

for some reason your comment made me laugh