I Found Out Yesterday

I found out yesterday. This is really hard to write you can't even imagin how hard it is for me to say this to other people besides my family. If you've ever read any of my stories you know that I have no friends in which to talk to, and it's werid for me to say this to a whole bunch of strangers, but then again you all don't know me and I don't think you ever will so I'll go ahead and say it.

I found out yesterday that I am very ill
I found out yesterday that my family really doesn't care after all and have left me to fend for myself
I found out yesterday that I am really all alone more than what I used to know
I found out yesterday that I have barely enough money to start this battle and I'll end up with none
I found out yesterday that I am completley terrified more than I have ever been
I found out yesterday that I have no clue what to do
I found out yesterday
I found out yesterday
I found out yesterday
I can't seem to get these words out of my head
I feel like I'm in a bad dream or something and that I'll wake up soon
I found out yesterday

bubblynng08 bubblynng08
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It's precisely the problem we humans have trying deal with yesterday's problems or tomorrow's problems even perceived problems, our lives would be so much easier if we only dealt with the present and I do realise you may be ill right now, as such you need to deal with what the illness is subjecting you to at any given moment, do not always trust the experts healthy people incorrectly diagnosed with cancer die, due to this false belief, your mind is a powerful ally or an enemy if not checked!

Yes you're right I've been thinking about that all day today.

if you want to forgive you're family it's up to you and you only know if they deserve it.my opinion is that you should be as strong as ever and since you believe in god you'll know that you will never get abonded by him.

Thank you cyril I need all the friends I can get right now. Although I must disagree with you on not ever going to my family ever again for anything. They may not care enough about me as I do them and that's why I won't just stop going to my family for something, I don't know may be one day they'll see that they really should care about me. I just hope that when that day comes it's not too late.

hello bubblynng08, family is thrust upon us not chosen.<br />
leukmia is not the end of the world, they are making great advances in medicine everyday.<br />
some people just dont have any compassion in them, you just happen to be born into such a family.<br />
dont ever go to them for anything ever again.<br />
if you find just one true friend, they are worth more than someone that cares nothing about you.<br />
if you ever need someone to chat to i am here, and i'm sure there is lots and lots more.<br />
your familys negativity is not doing you any good so they are no loss.<br />
best wishes,<br />

Well I had to go to the doctor yesterday because I had been feeling sick all week I went on Monday and they took tests on me and yesterday was when I found out that I have Leukemia. I had to tell my family and of course they were shocked just like I was but they told me they couldn't take it anymore I've always been a sick kid and they did everything to make me be healthy and I guess they think this is my fault. So they kicked me out of the house and told me not to contact them again until I get better if that happens as of right now I sitting in the waiting room waiting to be admitted to a hospital.

what exactly happend?