I am beyond scared I feel terrified, like when I was a child.

Being in this house..around these people, is exhausting, and yet to save my own life I can not sleep. I feel like if I close my eyes for even a second too long I will be taken back to a place where monsters do exist, and even come to tuck you into bed at night. 23 years old and ferociously tapping my iphone so the screen does not dim.. I should have brought my nightlight..
-Please God if you ever cared at all don't let me hear his voice again until tomorrow
-Late night youtube session please save me....
-creek in the floor, not right now just go away.
nothing is in proportion, shadows being cast from my faintly glowing cellphone, obscure everything...there is the distinct smell of danger lingering on in this bedroom.
randomkid88 randomkid88
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 17, 2011

Yikes...<br />
Jeez, I'm sorry you felt obligated to stay in that room.

Yea me too,only one a few more days and I'm free for another 365