I Am Going To Change My Life..with No Fear And With Joy.

Enough being scared by fear. No more..I will try my best to live life as I want, and I know ,what I want is good for me and for others. I have passion for science and love computers. But I am not very intelligent and never was very bright in studies. But I have done things that I, myself never expected out of me..And I will do WHATEVER is need done to realize my dreams. 

Today, I take oath that I will not be scared by my fear of people judging me, and certifying me unworthy. I will defend my dreams from people. And will advice to all members of EP.

We have got one life, Live it! Do what you have always wanted.

"The big secret in life, is that there is no big secret.  Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work." - Oprah Winfrey 

Lets give it a try. At the end of it, even if I don't get my expected result, I will surely be in a better place that where I am now.

Just I want to make a promise to my parents, that someday you will feel proud of me. Hang on with me please!! :)
arjob arjob
22-25, M
Jan 22, 2012