How To Stop Being Scared

I'm afraid of something most of the time. I always worry about something. If one thing finishes, another happens. I'm scared when I have to talk to people, especially on the phone. Usually teachers. Or someone I have to work with (when I have some job). Or doctors, tourist agents etc.. When I happen to talk to some of them it's ok and I start thinking "now I know there is nothig to be afraid of" (I often mumble and can't explain myself too, but this is another story). but the next time I forget it, the next day I'm horrified again. 
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2 Responses Apr 3, 2012

as with any pain you don't stop it - you enjoy it.

Thank you for the comment! It's an interesting view. I just always forget it cold be done this way.

I am also like this, I suffer from anxiety and the thought of talking to people or something is going to go wrong sends me into panic mode. I can't seem to shake the feeling that a black cloud is hanging over me. So I think it's a emotional imbalance and thinking that makes us this way.

Thank you for your comment! i hope we find the way out finally, there must be something that could help..