Men Are Scary Creatures

I recently met a guy he seemed down in the dumps so i said id have coffee with him just to give him some company well he took it upon himself to flip the **** out he blew up my phone but I just ignored him I think he sent me like 50 message within an hour begging me to see him right away but I was annoyed and kind of scared so I ignored him well I talk to his friends and I guess they told him I wasn't busy I had made plans with his friends to go out that night so he flips the **** out even more and tells me I'm a liar I'm not busy ive been whoring around all day and that when I meet his friends he's going to be there too and confront me well great now I'm ******* scared if i die tell my mother I love her
alexroday alexroday
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 10, 2012

you should call the police! and show them your messages and put a restraining order on him. this guy sounds really creepy!