I'm So Scared Of Many Things ?

Sometimes I feel like such a Coward
I'm scared of Swimming in Deep water and Swimming with fish even little Fishes
I'm scared of High places I always feel the urge to Jump =/
and since I was a child I was always scared of People and Loud Noises whenever Anyone Shouts I would Freak out and Cry .... Even now sometimes Noises freak me out
I'm scared of Tight Crowded Places it happened with me a Couple of times that I felt like I couldn't breath because it was so crowded but that turned out to be from my fear
I feel Pathetic I'm scared of changing I'm scared of everything it's like I'm scared to do anything with my life
I'm scared to be rejected ....
I feel like an idiot
Candy1211 Candy1211 16-17, F Aug 13, 2012

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