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I just don't want things to happen like last year. My 'friend' made my 9th grade year the worst year of my life (if you want to read about it, find it in my stories list). I took care of it but before the year ended, she starting showing signs. I walked past her and she said, "Excuse you!" in a very rude voice. I just don't want my 10th grade year to be like last year. I guess if things happen, they happen for a reason right? :/
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1 Response Aug 14, 2012

You know, it might sound crazy but you can get new friends. I had friends my 9th grade year that weren't good to me. They didn't care about my well being they didn't care about my feelings and most of all they had no respect for me. I know you're still going to have to see them in passing, and I'm not going to lie if they're dramatic they may try and make your life hell. But, hold your head high, and find people you really connect with. High school doesn't last forever. And if it makes you feel any better just remember karma. While you're out being the best person you can be, and being a real friend to someone who deserves it, that friend will have your back to. When she's out being a snot to everyone who's close to her and she needs something, do you think anyone is going to be there for her? Be the best you can be, hold your head high, you're worth it.

Thanks and I am trying to get an old friend that I pushed away. I also have a few friends who isn't her friend. Thanks for the advice.