Should I

Want to add something as a goal but don't want everyone to FREAK out

tulick tulick
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exactly why i don't plan on posting it anytime soon

well thats them

Ummm...I see so many people doing crap on this site...and I gotta tell ya, I don't see any mods doing anything about it.

i'm not going round with the ep administrators or have morons saying i'm attention seeking or any of that


ahh but there are the powers that be to consider and i've about given up the idea of posting it anyway

I'm certain I know what it your friend. Since we talk every day. I dunno's at your discretion, if it'll make you feel better, just do it. **** the rest of us, do what makes YOU feel good, my dear. *holds you*

oh i belive you but you don't have to hold back with me


yeah yawn ;)

i'm thinking more oe ep at large especially the folks running the place <br />
<br />
posting it scares me

the bigger question here is which scares you, the goal or posting it. and neither of us is freaking.

sounds like you 2 know me too well and so you see why i wonder about posting it

As your friend...I don't think that the goal I think your talking about needs to be your goal. <br />
And no I'm not freaked out!<br />
<br />
This is just my input...if it counts

welll if you think about it i'm sure you'll get there

you probably know the answer

you don't wanna know trust me

but people would gfreak out and think i needed a shrink

Hey,.just do it, cos if not now...then when??...You are mostly among friends,..and probly find a lotta people share that goal.......Now you've got our attention.....state your goal,..entertain us with your thoughts,..and relax...its just a goal...You can get feedback too....and stay anonymous!