Trauma. :(

last afternoon at seen that i never expect of entire life. A little bit of trauma that i got, when i saw a 3 mans that had guns, they pointed inside of the white car. I run with my cousin and my step mother carrying a 3 years old kid, we run for our lives and people's around us got panic too. well i'm not scared about happening i'm afraid for them.. but that was not my first time that encounter about arrested by the polices, because when i was 1st year college while walking i saw a man who arrested and confiscate the drugs, well its nothing for me, i continued to walk, second when I and my best friend staying in the store while theirs stop and parked at the front of us the suspect and begging that polices wouldn't hurt him.. i never tell this stories to my parents because they will concern and maybe they will not allowed to go outside alone..
Sharot27 Sharot27
22-25, F
Nov 30, 2012