Ow Cwap! 0.0

Yesterday i was waking out of school and the path that leads out of the school is very close to the basketball cage. So as i was walking down the path my classmate (a boy), told me this, "You have NO idea how much he likes you." He was talking about the boy that has a huge crush on me. Well that was no surprise because all the boys tell me that nowadays. But here's what scared me in a strange way: "He wants to do something to you!" Most of the people saw me walk out with a what face. No, i didn't get mad or anything. I'm just that kind of person that laughs at those kind of things. I did laugh though but i AM scared in a silly way!
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Alright and then what happend ?

I went home! ^_^ XD

So nothing to worry about ! Some students tell me I am best student in the world and stuff like that but they just exaggerate. One a student he was my classmate he followed me in the break I was very bored because of him he was rapying: You look good bla bla you changed by the way ! and many funny stuff that I don't think they're true lol, then nothing happend I mean come on this not an issue to talk about it. Enjoy your life

i know, but i AM "scared" in a silly way! XDD