All My Posts Are Getting Covered Up

The Portland police are poisoners and framers Eric Carlson the cop was having an affair with my wife Joan Wagar and he and his partners gave my wife permission to poison me to death and I was a regular plasma donor at the time!

In 2007 Eric Carlson and his partner John Ray tried to frame me for a murder they committed, they committed a early morning break in on March 26th 2007 and they raped, photographed, and killed a female child named Jesica! and they broke into my home to plant evidence in my apartment and my wife Joan Wagar helped them by opening her bedroom window for them to let them into our home while I was sleeping on the couch!

Their break in woke me up and I at first thought I was catching my wife in her affair with an armed police officer so I put a audio recorder in my wife's purse and then laid back down on my couch knowing my wife will be leaving for work soon!

I not only caught them in their affair I caught them in a murder and I caught them planting evidence in my home to frame me for it!

Eric Carlson and John Ray and Joan Wagar bragged about their crimes to Joan Wagar's sister Vickie Rosales at Clackamas Walmart and my audio recorder caught that as well!

My 911 calls are covered up by Portland police and I have been denied emergency services ever since my wife started an affair with a Portland police officer!

My complaints are covered up and ignored by police and hospitals and I am severely disabled from being poisoned!

Eric Carlson and his partners in law enforcement have been stalking me and renting apartments around mine on and off for years now and all complaints I make are covered up and ignored!

I caught Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson waiting in ambush just outside my doorway at 5:45 am and they were armed with guns and they were recording with a camcorder and a cellphone! they were going to shoot me when I take my dog for a walk and they were going to record me being shot!

Eric Carlson's partner Shannon was hiding behind a van and trailer when I opened my door and I saw him dive behind the trailer so I grabbed my camcorder and aimed it at the trailer trying to see who it was!

To my shock and horror my wife Joan Wagar and her lover the cop Eric Carlson were waiting in ambush just outside my door!¤t=Neighborsthatframedme_zps0659e809.mp4
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antonyk you are actively hostile towards me for reporting crimes publicly, you ignore links to signed admissible documents backing up my charges.
Since you are hostile towards victims for speaking up I thought you should know who some of the victims are that cannot speak up, because they were killed by my wife and her lover!
Virgil Minor died in 2005 after my wife recruited her family to lie for her about her affair and her use of poison.
Don Minor died in 2006 shortly after my wife confessed she is a poisoner and the police covered up my 911 call!
A female child named Jessica was killed by my wife and her lover and by his partner on March 26th 2007, I caught them in the act on a audio recorder, and my wife and her lover and his partner spent the rest of the day printing flyers trying to frame me for it and they tried recruiting Walmart employees to lie for them!
Now since you already showed you don't care about evidence or proof or about victims speaking up, I would like to make it known once again I am not the only victim in this, and when my wife was poisoning me I was a plasma donor at the time.
Now why don't you try one more time to label me as mentally ill to cover up serial killers butts so I can prove you want me dead, because there is no other reason for your hostility towards me other than to silence me.

Sounds like the ravings of a person suffering paranoid delusions

I have my wife's signed confessions she is a poisoner she admits to using antifreeze as poison!
Since you are trying to protect her from prosecution by destroying her victims reputation you also are probably a poisoner, I discovered that cops enjoy poisoning people off because there is no one the victim can turn to for help.
Proving someone is a poisoner don't get help, it's gets people like you that attack the victims for speaking out!
You must enjoy giving woman permission to poison off their spouses for life insurance moneys while you attack the targets reputation!
I have Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson on a audio recorder admitting they poisoned my coffee pot!

somehow everyone in your entire state has conspired against you,,,well then move

It sounds like you are trying to cover up signed confessions of a confessed serial killer by attacking the victim and implying mental illness!
Signed confessions are SIGNED CONFESSIONS and are admissible in court, but my wife's lover and his bro's don't care if people know, and they sure enjoy trying to **** me off by offending me online.
I show my wife's signed confessions and your response is to pretend the whole state is after me? your the one with mental illness for saying that.
You just go ahead and crawl back into your corner and try again to figure out how to discredit me to cover your bro's butts while I pass around my wife's signed confessions to being a poisoner.
Enjoy yourself!

That's exactly what they expect me to do, they put audio files in my home bragging on them what they did to me and they bragged I cannot get help from 911, so yeah they expect me to get pissed and do something about it.
The problem is that's what they want me to do, they would love to just shoot me and publicly label themselves justified.
That's how cops in Portland Oregon are, and they never stand trial in a criminal court of law.
They poisoned me, they framed me, they publicly blamed me for their crimes, and they would love nothing more than for me to give them an excuse to shoot me and make themselves LOOK like the good guys in the process.

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