How Do I Find Help When 911 Hangs Up On Me?

My wife was having an affair with a cop and she started poisoning me after she turned our family against me, after I caught my wife and daughter meeting up with that cop at Walmart my wife poisoned me she poisoned my coffee, I was so ill at the time I could hardly walk or talk.
Our daughters were already hiding my wife's affair from me and they just pretended nothings wrong, and the hospital covered it up by simply not taking a toxicology test and pretended they did not know what is wrong.
My wife's lovers partner was having a private conversation with my doctor in the hallway and my doctor never came back into my room after that, so I know the police was responsible for me not getting medical treatment or help from a hospital.
Have you ever seen the movie Misery? My situation was similar to that, only there were way more people involved than just my wife keeping me debilitated with poison.
Because my wife was having an affair with a cop I could not get help or make complaints to police, all calls I made to police were covered up and ignored, everything I reported to the police and hospital was covered up, police and the hospital pretended after the fact that nothing is reported.
It's impossible to get emergency services when my wife has an affair with a cop because no first responders want me as a witness and none of them will take my complaint/information.
In 2007 my wife and her lover and his partners in law enforcement tried to frame me for a murder, and they even printed out hundreds of flyers giving me the blame, but after the fact they just pretended nothing happened and now pretend to know nothing about flyers, why? because I caught them in the act of planting evidence in my home framing me for the crime and I caught them in the act on a audio recorder.
Once again their is no one that wants me as a witness so there is no one I can hand the recording to that cares.
It is very scary that our emergency first responders will commit murders and cover up murders and cover up victims complaints by acting as one to protect a murderous cop that was sleeping with my wife.
I was seriously poisoned again by them after I caught them on a audio recorder framing me for a murder, I almost died, and once again the hospital did nothing but take an X ray and then just pretend nothings wrong.
I can tell you to be poisoned is like being punched in the face, you can feel it, and it hurts, but unlike a punch in the face it does not get better over time, it does not wear off,, and you stay sick with severe stomach pain and severe head pain.
Drugs wear off but poison does not, and it's very very debilitating, so debilitating that it is even hard to talk.
911 is a joke when my wife is having an affair with a cop and the cop calls my wife Mrs Dash in love letters and no one cares about it, no one care either that my wife started poisoning me when I was a active plasma donor.
Attorney's refuse to take my calls and police hang up on me and even 911 operator hung up on me in 2009, I called 911 because I got a death threat from a cop, and that's how 911 operators cover their bro's with badges butts, by hanging up on me.
How can I find help when I am poisoned and denied emergency services and threatened by cops and I just get hung up on by police and 911 operators?
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Here is proof my wife Joan Wagar is a poisoner she brags in writing to using pills and antifreeze as poison.Here is proof I had internal bleeding admitted to by the OHSU hospital on their own paperwork, please notice they pretend to not know what is causing the internal bleeding, they are ignoring the fact that I already told the hospital my wife is a poisoner.More proof the Portland police threatened me with arrest if I ever go back to that hospital because it was the Portland police that made sure I could not get help from a hospital.And last but not least my wife's lover the cop wrote my wife a love letter at the beginning of their affair and he was calling my wife Mrs Dash in his letter he wrote to her.

Here is just one example as to how I am treated when contacting law agency's about my complaints, big bad INTERPOL blocks me from contacting them by redirecting me to untrusted sites.I have emailed INTERPOL over this and they never never respond to my emails.How convenient that cops can cover up their crimes by isolating the victim and denying the victim of contacting help.I suspect it is the Portland FBI that is redirecting my browser to untrusted sites and they do it through Google search engine.Here is a screenshot of my attempt to contact the law agency INTERPOL.<br />

That's horrible :( i'm sorry your going through that.. There's not much you can do in this sititution, sadly but get out.. Just becareful..

Can you move? Far away and quick.. Maybe you need a new start? I know it's hard to do and you may not have much.. But try to plan secretly, save up some money in a private account. As for right now DON'T EAT NOTHING FROM THAT DEVIL WIFE. Make your own food, start from scratch. Grocery. If you have to go as far as picking up food from the store everyday cause she posions the food in the frigde do that. AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR FOOD UNATTENDED.. Soon as you can get out of there! I wish I could help you more but I dont have anything to offer other than my response... I'll will pray for you.

Thank you for your response, it's nice to see there are real people that care, yes I can move around a little I can still walk, but I need to use a cane, and I cannot walk too far.
As far as transportation goes I have none my wife has our vehicles and I have nothing, I do not live with my wife I left her in 2007 after I caught her and her lover on a audio recorder poisoning me.
I have been harassed ever since then and I caught my wife and her lover outside my apartment in 2009 waiting in ambush to shoot me, so leaving her has not taken me out of danger.
I get a little money from SSI because of me being disabled so I can pay rent on a apartment but I don't have much money to survive on, basically I get just enough to pay bills and survive until next month.
I recently purchased a small fridge on Amazon that is lockable and I even order a fridge lock kit from Amazon so I could have more than one lock on it.
Every time I leave my apartment I throw out my food and buy new, I never leave my food and then trust it later, I know for a fact my wife's lover and his buddy's break into my home and poisoned me so I never blindly trust foods anymore in my home.
At night time I put my coffee and coffee pot in my fridge and lock it up before I go to sleep, that's how much I guard my foods now.
Thank you for your support, and please include the other victims into your prayer, I was not the only person my wife and her lover were poisoning.
Thank you.

Friends I guess...

Here is an example as to how cops deliberately cover up and ignore my complaints and evidence, below is an email I got from an officer Terry Felsman from the Pocatello police department, this is how I have been treated by all law agency's I have contacted and the Pocatello police are doing the same thing my local police department is doing, ignoring everything I say and pretending nothings wrong.

From: Terry Wagar []
Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2013 10:30 PM
To: Felsman, Terry
Subject: Re: Pocatello Police Department Tips

I am not seeing your question in your last email I only see you making observations in regard to my report and you are directing me to contact various law agency's, and that's about it.

These crimes occurred over a long period of time and many people were involved, and I am being threatened and blackmailed by local law officer's and I have been poisoned by some of them and I have gotten death threats from them!

Instead of telling me to contact various local law agency's why don't you instead ask the Portland Oregon police department why my 911 calls were covered up and why was I denied emergency services while my wife has an affair with a police officer of which two Walmart stores full of employees are aware of.

You keep asking me to contact agency's I already contacted and they responded with death threats, poisonings, gang-stalking, harassment, and they made threats to others, and my calls for help and 911 calls were either ignored and or covered up because police are fond of looking me in the face and pretending nothings reported.

In my report of which you already admit IS A REPORT I have given you evidence of paperwork indicating that these crimes are already reported to the proper jurisdictions, the problem is my complaints go ignored, and ignoring my complaint amounts to covering up poisonings.

I will not contact the very people that gave my wife Joan Wagar permission to poison me to death and I will not cooperate with blackmailers and poisoners, my 911 calls were covered up, the police would NOT TAKE MY INFO and it's impossible to report a crime to people that DON'T LISTEN.

You have copy's of Joan Wagar's signed confessions to her using antifreeze and pills as poison, I called 911 when Joan Wagar confessed to me, my wife battered me while I was on the phone with 911 operator, and when the Portland police arrived they began treating me as a criminal and assaulted me in front of a dozen firefighters and paramedics, my 911 call was covered up and emergency personal pretend now to know nothing about that call.

Two plasma donors lived under Joan Wagar's roof at the time yet everything was covered up because my wife was having an affair with a cop, read the love letter that is attached to this email/report that is Joan Wagar's love letter she got from a cop named Eric Carlson, and he calls her by the nick name Mrs Dash.

Since I am being blackmailed and threatened with death threats from local law officer's that are fond of covering up my 911 calls and then brag about it on death threats they put in my home I am justified in any actions I take and reporting this to anyone is an act of self defense of myself and others so I would expect you to be a little more concerned for peoples well being.

This is already reported to the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's and the Oregon state police and the Portland FBI and 911 was also notified, I have even notified INTERPOL, Now who do I notify that will care? because so far no one gives a damn.

Terry Wagar

Officer Terry Felsman's Response

Mr. Wagar, this will be my last correspondence with you. If you have contacted the Portland Police Department, Multnomah County Sherriff’s Department, Oregon State Police, Attorney General’s Office, Portland FBI and INTERPOL it appears they feel you have no complaint or not enough probable cause to file any criminal action. I have no jurisdiction in the State of Oregon. If you have reported your concerns to all the above mentioned agencies, I see no need to forward your e-mails to them. Again I am sorry I cannot help you with your death threats, poisonings, gang-stalking, harassment and threats to others. I have no investigative or arrest authority in the State of Oregon. I feel I have listened to your concerns but my hands are tied. You might want to contact the Mayor of Portland’s Office if you are not getting satisfaction from the Portland Police Department. Again I am sorry I could not help you with your complaints.

Terry Felsman

I got a video death threat in my email on January 8th 2013 so the police want me dead and they cover up all attempts by me to find help, I get ignored by police and when I get vocal about my complaints I get more death threats and still get ignored by police.

Terry Wagar

sad to say i understand why seeing asi have an idea who you are

youneed to go back on your medications and the world may clear back up

You must be a cop because only corrupt cops and their buddy's talk that way to victims of crime.
I bet your idea of medication is putting antifreeze in my coffee because that's what my wife and her lover THE COP was doing to me.
The above response is typical of police officers they love to provoke their victims into anger and at the same time try to discredit the victim by making mental illness allegations.
I can easily say to the person above "Why are you protecting a confessed poisoner from prosecution by verbally attacking the victim for speaking up about it, you got something to hide Bro?