What Will You Do In My Situation

Through all my years of being in primary school and high school, i am being constantly threaten by people who are much more bigger than me, taller then me and stronger than me. Because of this i am constantly leaving in fear of where to go. Should i stay with my friends were the people who threaten me are close by or do I go somewhere else and risk not having any friends at all. I am being threaten for no reason just because i am small and its easy to pick on me. I had enough but what can i do to a person who is twice the size of me. I cant just keep running back to teachers. I wish i can stand up for myself. I cant ask my friends for help since the threat is just to be quiet and be hidden. I mean i am getting tired of it.What will you do in my situation?
Puzzleman2004 Puzzleman2004
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 30, 2013

Maybe learn some martial arts? Here me out though. Even a small person could possibly defend themselves from a bigger person if they know the right way. If they threaten you, and you feel in a dangerous situation, you could feel more confident with the outcome of winning.