AM I Crazy????!

i posted a recent story about a ghost being in my getting really crazy...i get nervous and start sweating horrible when i hear something..i dont want to look in the Mirrors becaus eof the Reflection i dont want to see someone other than myself..and alsoooooo when i go to bed..ehhhh if i wake up in the morning early...i cant go back to sleep because it scares me...woooooo scary!!
SourLove SourLove
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

Maybe this will help. If it wanted to hurt you it already would have. The amount of fear you're putting out is giving more and more energy. You're actually feeding it. Make friends with it. Tell it you are more than willing to share THE home with it. Set the ground rules. It's only allowed to wake you at night if there's danger etc. If that doesn't work private message and I'll see if I can get it to come to me.

woo poor you! that sucks! i know the feeling, cos i get to bed pretty late, and i am very very scared of looking into the mirror for the same reason. i watch the tv show Supernatural, which DOES NOT help, let me tell you! =>