The Most Ever.

I am scared, the most scared i've ever been in my life. Its probilbly the first time ive ever been this scared. Growing up i always thought that when I got scared, it would be because of "something" like spiders, or heights or whatever that something would be. But tonight i've found what im the most scared of on this entire planet.

My girlfriend has just met a guy from work, he's really cool, he has taken her to serock (which im a bit gutted about cause i was looking forward for that to be something that we were going to do as a couple but thats another story), and tonight they went into town together. I'm so happy for her, cause she's gained back something that she completely lost, her social life. I havnt seen her that happy in a long time and i'm absalutly stoaked for her. BUT..

I just feel so scared that im going to loose the one person that i care most about in this entire ****** universe, i mean i'm in love with this girl, i would die for her. Alot of people just say that, but it different here...i actully would. I dont know why i feel so intimidated by this guy, i'm just so jelous, which is a feeling that i dont want to feel. I mean her life doesnt revolve around me, and i want her to go and have a life and have fun, im just scared that im going to loose her... i feel like im being replaced... i'm scared that she doesnt love me as much as she once did... i just dont want to loose her.

anyways its all i've been thinking about for the last 11 hours or so and i just really needed to get if off my chest lol

Thanks for listening

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Type your comment here...Last night i talked to her and i feel alot better, im not scared anymore. I think i just got so caught up in thinking last night i started to put ideas in my own head<br />
<br />
I am included, i think i just got a bit of a fright last night

Why are you not included in her social life?