This Sounds Really Odd... But Im Sitting In My Living Room Alone & It Feels Like Someone Is Watching Me Whenever I Turn My Back...

It's Really Creepy. I Hope Im Not Home Alone...
ChocolateCloud ChocolateCloud
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It's normal. It increased when you thought about it right. That's just what your mind tells you is happening but it really isn't.



Anytime 😬

It also happens to me when I go i n the dark.

It's just your imagination

I think it is just because of creepy movies


hmmmmmm.... ok thanks :)

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Lol. I Swear, It Feels So Weird. Like How You Can SenseWhen Someone Is Staring At You. That's How I Feel...

I can understand your feeling cuz same happens to me.

Just Don't Think About It Too Much Try Not To. Watch Funny Videos. It Really Scared Me. And People Thought It Was Funny :/