Scared Of Death

i am terrified of the end of the world and dying but i am mostly afraid of going to hell and my loved ones going to hell and just the thought of having to go somewhere for eternity freaks me out. i hate it, i hate it soo much. i wish it didnt have to happen. i hate the fact that we dont know whats going to happen after we die. the thought haunts me every die. the end ofr the world or death is always on the back of my mind

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3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

let me share with you about those 'rules' that bother you so much...just from my heart. i'm going to use one of the biblical ten commandments as an example, the one that says 'you should not commit adultry'. one point of view would say that God doesn't want us to have any fun, that maybe He just doesn't understand how hard it is to be locked into a bad marraige. but what if He knows more...what if he knows that your heart and emotions can't bear with the shame and guilt of your affair? that you are going to contract an std that you'll have for the rest of your life? that your children will be devestated? etc., what if it's really His love for you that places 'fences' around your life to keep you from destroying yourself and those you care about? i'm just saying...

i dont know how to secure myself becasue there are soo many rules

Why are you afraid of something unknown? If you are certain that there is a heaven and/or hell, then you should probably start finding out how to secure yourself in one place and not the other.