Hey There, Lassies And Laddy-bucks....


I've got roots in the Abernathy family, that's about as Scottish as my family tree gets.  I've got some names in my tree that could be either English OR Irish, so, from all those names plus the definitely English ones, I'm about a 1/4 Scots-Irish (can't say Irish-Scots apparently...)

Well, what do I feel is Scots-Irish about me?  'Tisn't my appearance, for that is Persian from my father's side.  I'd say what is Scots-Irish about me is my tenacity, my eagerness to laugh about all things, my ferocious fighting spirit, and perhaps my willingness to say exactly what what I think to you whether you'll like it or not.  At least you'll know what I really think about you.

I am kind of tight-mouthed most of the time though, that must come from my Anglo-Saxon quadrant.

I love the simple style of Scottish living, and the fervent passion of Irish emotion.  Blends in well with my Persian side.

But as an American growing up in Oklahoma City, it seems that the true essence of the Celtic culture didn't make any impact on my childhood experiences.  I'm basically an Okie who grew up in the late 70's through the early 90's, an American plain and simple.  But I do sometimes feel a strong and sweet pain in the heart when I listen to an Irish harpist, or perhaps a Scottish bagpipe.

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I love that combination. :)