I Am Grateful That You Said Scots-irish And Not Scotch-irish

I am grateful that you call us Scots-Irish and not Scotch-Irish.
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The term "Scotch-Irish" was a label put upon Sorley Boy McDonnell during the Ulster Plantation problems at Londonderry, by none other than Queen Elizabeth I. Seems Sorley Boy was a thorn in her side, and she made it known she wasn't very happy with the "Scotch-Irish" and others of that ilk.

yes scotch is a drink lol. i am uster scots as most ppl from northern ireland are and we were known in america and canada as the scots irish lots went to escape persecution and left northern ireland to go to usa and canada and mostly presbyterians, fascinating history coming from scotland to northern irtelnad and then america.

I'm Scots-English..lol I know what you mean by scotch...it drives me up a freaking wall when I hear people say Scotch people...ahhh. Talk about synchronicity..my mother and I had an argument over this the other day. She kept saying the scotch people...and I said, don't call them scotch...it is Scots...and she said, no your wrong..they're called Scotch...ugggg. My mother is Scottish and you can't tell her anything she always right and I'm always wrong. Anyway, I was thinking maybe I was wrong. However, I ran into this post..and I was right...it's not Scotch..but Scots.... and I wouldn't dare travel to Scotland and call them a Scotch..LOL

I am annoyed that the auto-correct makes the "I" in Irish after the hyphen a little "I" and not a capital "I".