Glad to See Scots-Irish As a Separate Heritage

My Scots-Irish family came from somewhere in the North of Ireland to Glasgow four generations ago. My mother knows the counties. I spent some time in Scotland. As a people, we are culturally distinct from Scottish people. I discovered this first-hand when I lived in Scotland. We were immigrants to Scotland and, like the Irish immigrants in America, they tend to be clannish and Catholic. My mother, born in New York, married a second-generation Irish-American. Sometimes I say I'm 100% Irish because I can't explain the immigrant experience in Scotland any more than I can understand/explain the immigrant experience in America. It's only impressions. We, Irish-folk, are strange. Having never left New York, we consider ourselves our own clan in America. I call myself Irish-American even though my grandparents were Weegies. Aye. Slante va!
maux maux
4 Responses Feb 7, 2008

Oh shut up you're just an American with no links to Ireland or Scotland whatsoever clinging on to something that's not there boring! An acual Irish and Scottish person would never put you in the same boat as them

What is a Weegie? Curious as I am Irish.

Person from Glasgow. A "Glasweegian."

Ah yes, I understand now. Thanks

If you're an American then you're not

And there is a wonderful song of this - "When the green met with the blue".

Once a weegie always a weegie .....