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Glad to See Scots-Irish As a Separate Heritage

My Scots-Irish family came from somewhere in the North of Ireland to Glasgow four generations ago. My mother knows the counties. I spent some time in Scotland. As a people, we are culturally distinct from Scottish people. I discovered this first-hand when I lived in Scotland. We were immigrants to Scotland and, like the Irish immigrants in America, they tend to be clannish and Catholic. My mother, born in New York, married a second-generation Irish-American. Sometimes I say I'm 100% Irish because I can't explain the immigrant experience in Scotland any more than I can understand/explain the immigrant experience in America. It's only impressions. We, Irish-folk, are strange. Having never left New York, we consider ourselves our own clan in America. I call myself Irish-American even though my grandparents were Weegies. Aye. Slante va!
maux maux 36-40 3 Responses Feb 7, 2008

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What is a Weegie? Curious as I am Irish.

Person from Glasgow. A "Glasweegian."

Ah yes, I understand now. Thanks

And there is a wonderful song of this - "When the green met with the blue".

Once a weegie always a weegie .....