Hi.Not really scottish at all,well, my bloodline is from Scotland and Wales born in Australia.Geniospasm is a heriditary gene running in our family, from Scotland.Would like to Know if there is geniospasm(wobbly chin)families around willing to contact me.My email adddress is  this is   important as this gene is very rare.Thanks

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My mom's mother had it and she was Cornish, Celtic, like welsh, Irish and Scottish - which I am too.

Thanks bill im just reading your response from nov 17 .Do you know where your chin comes from i mean which family line .?the mormons (im not a mormon) but they have a great site for researching family history if your into it. maybe your mom can tell you or aunt about family members with it.oh gosh i get excited to just know that i am able to share this .thanks again bill joanne (norbul79).

My mom's mom had Geniospasm and her parents emigrated her from Cornwall, a Celtic section of England. but from I found that my great grandmother (mom's mom's mom) was from Jersey (the Channel Island, not the state). Not sure if my great grandmother or great grandfather passed on the Geniospasm.

Thanks Bill,Your ancestory sounds great.I wonder if the gene has spread in the celtic culture.Scotland (dunfermline)is where we traced the gene in this family.My Grand fathers mother had it and her father>He came out of Scotland on a boat>i have, my daughter, sisters and mother have it

And my grandfather has it too and he will be 93 this year.This gene seems to cause us to have a link that others dont have on our chromosone .Thanks againbill i will talk to you soon jo/norbul

I'm so glad to see there are more of us out there with similar experiences; we are not alone.

My cousin's daughter may have it. But, neither my cousin or her mother (my aunt) have it. It sometimes skip generations, sometimes you'll a gene that doesn't express itself.

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