A Letter To My Wife

Tonight i want to say i am sorry for the things i have said and done. I was so wrong and i regret it. All of it. I should not have said those things in the way that i did. I am sorry for the lies. I am sorry for being a arsehole. It is the most F$%&ed up thing I ever did.
I deserve the worst kind of treatment from you and i have have only myself to blame for it. i will not make any excuses and accept all that may and will happen.
There is no excuse for what I did. I left you open and vulnerable and have hurt you. I should have protected you and i didnt. I have said demeaning things to you and i shouldnt have done it. I am a low life and deserve all the bad things that happens to me.
I cannot ask you to forgive me. I dont deserve forgiveness.
One thing i know is that i still do love you. I do not want to spend my life with anybody else.
I regret the things i have said and done. I am truly and deeply sorry.
I will always love you.
daniecraggs daniecraggs
7 Responses Dec 9, 2011

I hope things worked out for you guys! Sounds like you can get through it!!

I symphasize with you kinkylinky, my ex was like that. Never wanted to work in the marriage, and lets face it, marriage is hard work, eventually we divorsed. His ever ongoing lies just killed me inside. At this stage in my life I feel that men are all alike, lying sex craving bastards.

Hi Guy197, thanks for your resonse. Yes, we do love each other and I see this as a wake up call to change the things in me that I now know he doesn't like. If I made a choice to be negative, he would have been out of here. It is just sad to me that he has chosen a site like this to pour out his feelings. I've tried marriage counselling and a number of things during the years, but his choice was not to go that way. There are books all over the house that I bought for us to work through, but he just never had an interest in trying to mend our marrige by us reading it together. And the best is, he is the reader, always reading, anything but something that can give him answers about enhancing his marriage, rather than coming to sites like these.

Just so by the way, I created this name and made a few comments, just to look leggit to him and to lure him in.

Hi, this is Danie's wife. I just want to tell you that I have exposed him. Things he said about me here did hurt but i will come out of this strong. I couldn't believe that he, the man that was quite considered towards me would use a public website to pour out his real feelings. But now I know. I'll loose weight, in fact I lost 5 kg over the past 2 weeks. During our marrige of nearly 32 years he never, never ever used the word fat towards me. If he only spoke to me years ago, I wouldn't have let myself go and in the process, together with all that I had to endure being married to him, destruct my body. The fact that he did say that he still loves me brought me to a decision to still give him a chance. This was a wake up call for me. Ggone, wasn't it you that asked him if he spoke to his wife? Well he never sat me down and really tried. You will see that he removed all that he said about me and all the sexual comments that he made. It all hurt because what he described that is me, yes, but only for the past few months, since I became more sick. At times I was the one who cried and asked him why does he only try for sex once in two weeks. I am not a cold woman and never was. I always said, that was the glue that held us together for all these years. He is very naief, who uses his own name on a public social network? People out there watch out, if a woman's six sence kick in, you are not safe on sites like these.

Quite the vent. Are you okay?

Wow. Will she get to read this too? Or is it just for us?