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I am Scottish. I was born in Aberdeen and lived there up until 10 years qgo when I came to America and met my now wife. I miss Sotland and its way. I miss easy banter with a stranger,singsongs in a pub, the friendly way of Scots. My folks and my mates are there..I visit at least once a year. Love my country.
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I was born in Aberdeen!

Ever been to the states?

Been there a few time love the beach

Come home to bonney scotland

I own and operate my own business here in the states and own real estate....where do/u live

i live in fife, where did you stay?

I lived in the great city of aberdeen until I live in ny...2 hrs north of nyc

awww your bound to be missing scotland living in that big city

Iwould fly right into it with no hesitation,but really,I do visit when I want to.why don't you come to me

Aberdeen I say, the most beautiful of Scottish cities

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Now you will realise that you were running away from your heart's desire. What's wrong with introducing your wife to a long stay? You may find that she can be totally enamoured also and then you wouldn't miss your friends, the good social standards that we have.