Thats where I grew up! Right in the city center. I played up Calton Hill and in Princess Street Gardens ( due to the fact that we never had a garden). Rose Street, which runs parallel with Princess Street, used to be where you would go on a pub crawl as it had about 26 pubs along it. A pub crawl is where you have one drink in every pub on your night out and see how many you could manage before you were too drunk to go on. Rose street used to be the target for a pub crawl, because not many made it to the end of the street.

I still to this day can't ride a bicycle. My mum never bought me one because when we went out our front door you were straight onto a busy road and traffic.

We had Portobello beach and funfair in the summer, which is in Edinburgh.

I live in England now and where I live life moves at a slower pace. I have been back to Edinburgh a couple of time and the first thing I notice is how much it has changed. I left there when I was 18 so thats 24 years ago. I don't ever see me moving back there now. Its all a bit too busy and crowded. But my memories of growing up there are cherished. I,m proud to be Scottish and to come from Edinburgh.

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I also lived in Edinburgh for many years and was actually brought up in Musselburgh, the Honest Toun. Edinburgh at the moment is a nightmare to drive into with all the roadworks for the new tram system. I am sure it will be great once all the work has finished. <br />
Most of the trendy pubs now are in George Street, however I think you are referring to Rose Street which used to be full of pubs. The Grassmarket is the place for pub crawls now.

im from glasgow i dont think it changed dramaticaly if you go outside glasgow the pace is different i think that common between cities and rural areas in everycountry. i like visit edinburgh for day trip shoppinh its a change of scenery and i love the castle