Stewart And Macgregor Myself.

I love the burr of the Scottish accent. My family has always made it clear that we were to know our history and to never forget where we came from and at what price. Though the title group is "I Am Scottish", I think it is only fair to identify myself as American with roots in Scotland.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Only the best folks can say they have Scottish ancestors.

By the way my name is also my previous work before I retired in London,now living in Utah

Not too much really as I had mixed with many USAF personel during my work in London.I retired several years before moving to Utah and came here because my three sone all married american girls and settled over here and had kids,so it was the best way to be sure of seeing my grand children regularly.No need to find a job as my pension is enough to keep me alive.

Good on you! Roots are very important! Celtic people are like that!
Now Im really smiling! X