I 'know' That I Am Scottish!

My name is Gerald. I was born in Greenock, Scotland in the early 60's. I lived on Parkhill Avenue, Port Glasgow fore many years. I attended elementary levels of school in the Port. I have Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and a Nana who are still living in Port Glasgow, Greenock and in England. My lineage runs throughout many clans in Scotland. I can trace it through these following clans: Gordons, MacDonald, MacLeod, MacGregor, Colquohoun and Lamont. I miss Scotland and she calls to me every day. One day soon, I will go back and walk the highlands once again.
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You will find plenty NOBLES in the Aberdeen and ABERDEENSHIRE areas.<br />
I am part of the McIntosh clan, do you know any of them.

Are there a lot of people in Scotland with the last name Noble? I have been searching my geneology and it tells me that Noble is a scottish surname.

I went through Greenock a few years ago. It's such a quaint little town. The people there, and actually everyone I met in Scotland, were so nice. So nice to read a story from someone who is actually from there.

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I can remember so many exciting things from my youth about Scotland. Wearing school uniforms, walking to school in Port Glasgow, riding the double decker busses to the shops in the Port or to Greenock. If not the bus then I caught the train, which ran from Glasgow to Gourock along the Firth of Clyde. Running through the highlands, poaching rabbits for a stew. My Nana, Elizabeth Patton, married a McLeod, when her first husband died in a storm at sea. I have an uncle and aunt who are McLeod's, My Nana's first husband was an Adam, which is a Sept (branch) of the Gordon Clan. My father is a White, and they were claimed as Septs of both the Lamont and MacGregor clans. My aunt married a Cowan and they are part of the Colqohoun clan. I started tracing my lineage back only recently. I can trace my lineage back to th 1600's in the Adam clan, I also have a line that runs back to Ireland with the McBride clan... it is quite involved... It is not very difficult to trace your lineage back. Start by gathering info regarding your immediate family (parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents) and subscribe to Ancestory.com. Their database of information is HUGE. I have traced my lineage back to the 1600's on both my father and mothers side... the program is designed to d othe searching for inormation for you. Then of course, I did the DNA testing. I definately come from Haplogroup I and I am currently doing a Deep-SNP to see where my clan is from. The results should be interesting. I love the Scottish flower : Scottish Thistle and I miss eating a portion of fish and chips now and then. I'll jot down more after. Just let me know what information about Scotland you are interested in.<br />
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How is the soccer team doing...Motherwell ?

OMG a fellow clansman!!! I have never met somone from my clan before =) well except my own family =). I am a macleod and being that most of the clan is is scottland and england we dont have many here I have been trying to do family history and it has been sooo hard! I have been told that they named me heather after duncans brothers wife heather but I dont know. well enough about me tell me about scotland!!!