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I am Scottish because my late grand father told me so.. But I have yet to locate more info on my family's background.
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Go to your favorite search engine and type in " Scottish surname (whatever)" and you should get some kind of feed back on it. I am a Stewart of Appin. I set up at Scottish festival-games throughout the Northeast of USA for Clan Stewart Society of America. Some of what I do is help people find their clan or history if they are indeed, Scottish.

Go to ancestry and start diggin. Also do a dna test at least a 37 marker. The 12 marker makes you kin to damn near everybody :) good luck post what you find

A lot of Scots have Viking, Celt and Pict ancestry.. I have Scots and German ancestry, so perhaps that explains my love of Scottish music and drinking beer. But if you believe what they say, that all human life started in Africa, does that make us all African by ancestry?

Remote Viking connection - da axe thru me 'ead - inspired me, in Yahoo Answers, to operate a dynamic duo with an awesome Aussie - respect to Liverpool Walkabout, 5 mins uphill from Central Station @ Concert Square

Recall seeing OskaLoska & OzzyLozzy banter @ Y/A?

@ Oct/DEc 2011

They didn't buy the african thing on the federal form I filled out. But what the hey:)

or try<br />
good place to find family members. too

Thanks thats new to me

you need to look into your family tree ask you parents to give you as much info as they have then go for it

&amp; as we Scousers say, "If ya go 4 it .. come back with it!"