Scottish Or Not?

Born and raised in New Zealand to Scottish parents who moved here in the 80's.
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I would've said you're a new zealander/kiwi with scottish ancestry/heritage.

Not speaking about you in particular as you dont seem to fit into this category of people but it really bugs my goat when people claim to be of a nationality yet have never even visited the country in question, have no idea of their traditions or society and could probably not even point it out on a map if asked (and believe me, there is an alarming number of people claiming to be scottish when they think scotland is a part of england and dont realise its actually a country).

In America, we say you are a Scottish New Zealander...what better is there?

We will say that you are New Zealander by birth and Scottish by the grace of God.

You're a Scot..

Was it 1880 or 1980 it makes a huge difference, I assume it was 1980 or you would not be on EP as you would be around 130 years old, but in future get your dates correct.

Have you been here and drunk the water? Cos if you have I reckon wi your folks being Scottish that'd be more than enough to get on any of the national sports teams! If you're any good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory that is! :)

your A Part Time Scot :-D Any scot is a good scot