Blue Blood

Well, I've been looking into my family history, and I have found numerous branches of scots in my family tree. the best part, though, is that I have Blue Blood! I am directly related to the Scottish Royal house through a number of different branches. Yay! It's so cool. I can't wait to go over there.
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If you are connected by a "number" of "different branches" then that is not, strictly speaking, "in direct line". I am the Northeast Regional High Commisioner for the "Clan Stewart Society in America"! Part of what I do at Scottish festivals and games is to set up a tent with other clans. We help people find out if they are Scottishand their clan if indeed they have a clan. Not all Scotsman have a clan. Glad to help if I can.

Strange , when I traced my heritage it pointed to something similar. Although the Royal lineage I found originated from Ireland , before relocating to Castle Bay in Scotland.