I Am Scottish Royalty!

My name is Mary Margaret McDearmon. If that's not Scottish enough, every person in my family is Scottish as well, for as far back as can be found. So far, no one in my family has married outside the Scottish nation. So, that makes me a "pure bred Scot". If that's still not enough, I speak Scottish Gaelic and I have "Cha togar m'fhearg gun dioladh" tattooed down my spine. SCOTLAND FOREVER!

MaryandtheMargaret MaryandtheMargaret
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Hi I'm crystal brandon.I'm related too queen mary of scotland she was married too my greatgreatgreatuncle dukecharlesbrandon who had a daughter named lady francois brandon arewe family

I could've said same except my granny started a trend for marrying people of English descent and I have married two Englishmen - no at the same time obviously!<br />
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The floodgates are open - they are awe marrying folk fae south o the border noo. We see it as a way of attempting to civilise the English, one man at a time. Turning them into psuedo-Scots. My current Englishman asked for a kilt for his Christmas (and shhh but I have got him one) The plan is working fine. He'll be hosting a Burns supper next!!!!!!!!