Love My Home

Im scottish both parents scottish, born in scotland, lived there all my life etc etc :D im only 18 but cant imagin living anywhere else think alot of other countries have these sterotypes that make me laugh so much :P you might be shocked but i really dont like haggis or bagpipes (i like them at events and stuff coz you do feel proud) but when your walking to work with a hangover and this dude is playing them in the street you slightly want to scream lol. but yea :P love my home it best place in world especially the highlands where im from am livin further down scotland now but the highlands are so pretty! am going back up to visit me family soon whoop! :)

xmisscheeryxx xmisscheeryxx
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

you make want to be in scotland