Fake Smile

when i was seven my mom lost her job at a factory because it moved to mexico.so my mom found a job waitressing at a pub and grill. she also started to drink more heavily so did my dad. my mom worked every day till closing but the manager and her would stay till later and drink. i remember walking into the bathroom at 3 am seeing my dad asleep on the bathroom floor waiting for my mom. then when she would come home they would fight and i slept in the living room at the time because a tornado knocked out my room. then my mom and dad would sream and yell at each other because my dad thought she was cheating on him. sometimes my dad would even hit my mom. sometimes my mom would even leave. sometimes my mom would call my grandmas. and once it was solved i could go to sleep, then watch it again the next night.
lullababy lullababy
13-15, F
Jul 26, 2010