Lets Play Pretend

I smile I laugh and giggle I pretend that every things fine when no one knows that I'm crying and screaming underneath that I'm in so much pain and all I can do is smile and I hope someone will realize how much pain I'm in but how will that happen if I keep playing pretend

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

i know how you feel, im always like that.....i never say anything to anyone bcuz they will just roll their eyes at me, in discuss (trust me they will) and brush it off like its nothing, like im nothing.... );

yes, haunted grrl i am so glad i found this ep. i dont really feel like anyone i know cares that much about what I have to say. so i hope that I can help someone thru my pain and happiness.,<br />
and to you hope, as i got older it became harder and harder to pretend,a nd now the more i pretend, the more sick i get. litterally sick. and i still pretend. i didnt know that i was going to say that when i started writing to you. but it has made me think. and fear has alot to do with it i think, being alone, maybe keeps us in an uncomfortable situation? or just shear dumbness on my part. no, its fear. it is. not having enough confidence inmyself. and we all know, well that probably comes from our upbringing. i feel for u. and will say a prayer for you tondight that you are in a better place. God bless you.

aww ... *hugs you* I hope you feel better soon, love. I'm a roller-coaster myself, and today's a good day. But, I can definitely relate to the down days, and I usually hide it from the real world. Isn't it great we can come on here and vent all we want? And get a hug? Here for ya' whenever you need another :) Take care

Ive felt the same way all week! i smile but inside in hurting! and i look like im okay but im really far from that.