Look At My Smile And Ignore The Running Mascara

I had been crying all morning as soon as a got to school the mascras wiped away and the smiles put on. "are you ok?" Im fine how can so many lies be in two small words how can so much pain be masked with those words and a simple smile. and if I let you in you tell me im a lier you say stop tryna get attetion or you just give me fake empithy I dont want it I dont want to lie I dont want the attention I dont want your fake empithy I want to be happy. I want to express myself and not be judged I want to say No im not ok I want to tell someone that the smiles fake and isnt it sad I have to turn to the internet to do so cause no one else understands.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Hi hope again, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. it is quite a few months since you wrote this and I so pray you are feeling better. perhaps we will cross paths again. i do hope so. peace and love and smiles to you from someone who feels very much the same very often.

i know i never want it but tell me wouldn't you be more hurt if they didn't care or even pretend to care