My Search For An Anr Continues...

This hasn't always been an interest of mine.  I'll admit... as a Scorpio, my sexual and physical desires run deep... but in my recent life I was introduced to Adult Nursing.  At first i found it to be a bit odd, but I realized that I had always found it at the very least sexually arousing to see a woman lactate, and very feminine to watch a woman breast feed.

I was dating a Latin girl, and for some reason she produced drops of milk. She had wonderful large breasts and beautiful suckable nipples.  And she certainly loved much attention to be paid to them.  Anyway I noticed something sweet one day and I was shocked to see a few small drops of milk.  No keep in mind, that she was not pregnant and had never had children.  This was something that apparently was in her anyway.  I googled about it and found the ANR phenomenon, and I love it.  I want that badly. Besides the sexuality, and eroticism ... the bonding and health benefits are what interest me the most.

I asked her if she was interested in producing more and doing it and she LOVED the idea.  Keep in mind this was a very attractive, "normal" and popular girl.  Alot of the women I have seen on some of the networking sites for this type of relationship have been, well... less than desirable to say the least.  So I think women of all shapes and sizes are into this.


Long story short she had to go back to her country, and it has been hard.  I have been searching for that special someone since then with little success.  Although I feel alot of women secretly desire this due to their instincts, it certainly is not openly discussed at the "water cooler."


So I ask if there are any attractive well endowed women in the Los Angeles or Southern California area who have a deep desire for this with a handsome, successful nice guy. Please message me on this site.

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7 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Great story. Whatever lucky lady responds to your "ad" will be very lucky. You seem like a wonderful man. I pray you find this again. :)

So good to talk to you tonight on Yahoo .....we should do it again sometime XX

@markfl1234 I hope so! @ yumi. Awhhh you need help with that :-/ !

trying the pump to keep up milk but I am fighting a losing battle

Thats ok :) What are you working with? ;) Is that you in the pic? Lovely.

Great profile picture too

god if I was in LA - i would contact you (sad thing is I was there a few months ago :( ) I am not so well endowed but Im sure I could please ..