Life After Death

I never thought about this topic ever before in my life. But on 11th April 2007 after loosing my father who was suffering from lung cancer i am mad to know about this. I know in this life god made some rules and certain boundaries are drawn between life and death. No one has ever crossed these boundaries and if u do u will either loose ur mental stabilty or die. But i want to know where is my dad how is he, how can he leave me alone. He never wanted to die he was fighting with this disease. He had a major operation and all the doctors said he will not come out of that, but because of his strong will to live he proved all doctors wrong and came out of that operation. but after 6 months i lost him on 11th april. I still rember in his last two days he had lost his conscionuess and was talking about something which i didnt understand. he kept on speaking in ICU and didnt stop. Then he went in coma. I want to know if he is fine. Now i see him in dreams sometimes talking to my mother. sometimes watching T.V or crossing road and I see him like its a normal day in our life in the past.

My current state is very scary, i am getting nightmares or reality i do not know. in the past 5 nights i felt someone around me in between 2.30 am and 3 am. Than i try to shout but voice doesnt come out of my mouth, i try to wake up and run towards my mother but i can not and after few minutes i got up and came out of this. I also feel at that tiem someone was around me.

Further i moved to a new house and my dad lived only 1 day in this new home. Previous owner of this house also lost his father he was also suffering from a major diesease.

I need answers i need to know life after death, who is trying to come to me in night, am i ill suffering from any traumtic disorder or is this a reality of a third world?

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There is a book "Heaven is for real", i somehow started believing in the book. May be just because it presents a very good picture of life after death. I saw my dad very normal in dreams and this book also suggests that people are young and extremly fine after death.

I've always been interested in this subject. Call me weird. lol. I've read a few books on life after death and "near death experiences" I recommend an excellent book by Betty Eadie called "Embraced by the Light" you might like it. It's about this lady who dies in the hospital and comes back to tell about it.